Community - Police Liaison Committee

A CPLC exists in each Police Division and provides a forum for citizen group/police service dialogue. The SLNA is within the area served by 51 Division; they are based at Front and Parliament.

Email icon E-mail 51 Division
51 Parliament St., Toronto, ON , M5A 2Y5
Phone: 416-808-5100
Fax: 416-808-5102
Unit Commander: Superintendent Elizabeth Byrnes
2nd in Charge: Inspector Robert Johnson

Community Response Unit Manager:
Staff Sergeant Peter Troup, (416) 808-5152

Community Relations Officer:
Constable Peter Cullingford, (416) 808-5125

Crime Prevention Officer:
Constable Lynne Robertson, (416) 808-5187

The SLNA has a representative (Don James) on the Community-Police Liaison Committee for 51 Division of the Toronto Police Services. There is a STAFF DIRECTORY for 51 Division on this page.

There is more general information available on Community-Police Liaison Committees on the Toronto Police Service website

If you have matters of concern or non-emergency problems which you wish to discuss with the SLNA representatives they can be contacted through the SLNA e-mail address.

The Division and the CPLC also have a Blog at:

and are on Facebook at


Making complaints gives the police information that allows them to assign resources to deal with local problems so: if you see a problem REPORT IT.

Online Complaint Form

Traffic complaints can be sent from:

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