Committees and Representatives 2015-2016

Standing Committees

The Board may appoint committees of delegates and other persons as needed and may delegate to such committees any powers that are in accordance with the by-laws or the Acts.

The President is an ex-officio member of all committees and in addition to the President, each committee shall have at least one director as a member. This director will, in consultation with the chair elected by the committee, keep the Board informed of the activities of the committee.

Appointments to committee membership and as representatives of SLNA cease at the close of the AGM.


Director Responsible

Delegate Members

Non-Delegate Members

Description of responsibilities and objectives



Nominations and Elections Committee
Appointed annually and dissolved at the conclusion of the elections at the AGM.
  This Committee is responsible for the nomination and election of directors.

Development Committee

Cherril Baker

David Crawford
Suzanne Kavanagh*
Marcus Little
Robert Sherrin

James Bar
Stig Harvor
BIA rep.

The Development Committee, established in 2002, works with the City and developers to ensure that new buildings fit well into the historic context of the St. Lawrence neighbourhood.



  * = Chair

Ad-hoc Committees

The directors may, as they feel necessary, appoint ad-hoc committees or groups of Delegates and others to discuss or organise any activity within the scope of the SLNA and may revoke any such appointments and abolish any such committees or groups.





Non-Delegate Members

Description of responsibilities and objectives

Canada Day Celebration Catherine Limbertie

Margaret McQuade
Dan O’Leary
Lois Thomson
Maureen Walsh
Connie Yang

Duncan Ash
Wendy Devine
Bryan Horgan
Jacquie Jensen 
Don Michel

Since 2005, Canada Day has been celebrated in the St. Lawrence neighbourhood with music, a children's parade and cake!  In recent years, the festivities have been centred in Market Lane Park, next to the North Market. 

Community Environment Day

Suzanne Kavanagh

Dan O’Leary 


Community Environment Day is an annual neighbourhood event; it is hosted - normally in May - by our local Councillor.

Gardening Committee

Cherril Baker

Debra Corey
Dan O’Leary

  Shaun Pearen

The Gardening Committee offers residents a way to join together to improve and enhance the beauty of our natural environment. The group works with, and advises on, publicly accessible gardens on the ground, on walls, on balconies and on roofs.

Heritage Conservation District Study

Suzanne Kavanagh

D. Crawford
S. Kavanagh*
C. Baker


A Heritage Conservation Study of part of St Lawrence was completed in early 2014 and an HCD Plan was approved by City Council in December 2015. Details of this process, which is now concluded, are at:

Representation on other Associations,
Agencies and Community Groups

The Board of Directors may appoint Delegates or others (and may revoke any such appointments) to represent
the SLNA and attend meetings of other Associations and community groups and report back to the SLNA
Board and to Delegates' meetings.

Association, Agency and/or Community Group


Delegate Representative

Non-Delegate Representatives

Description of responsibilities and objectives

St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood B.I.A.

Lorie Crawford



"A Business Improvement Area (BIA) is an association of commercial property owners and tenants within a defined area who work in partnership with the City to create thriving, competitive, and safe business areas that attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and new businesses". The BIA's boundaries are now almost the same as those of the SLNA and we cooperate on many projects, in particular streetscape improvements.

BIA Parks Committee Cherril Baker D. Crawford
  This committee is advising on the 8-80 Project that will create plans to improve Berczy Park and St James Park. The Committee also discusses other City parks in the SLNA area.
BIA Streetscape Committee Suzanne Kavanagh D. Crawford
  This committee discusses general streetscape matters in our area and one or both of these representatives normally also serve on any City or ad-hoc construction liaison committees.

C.I.P (Community Improvement Plan).


D. Crawford (Streetscape)


A CIP was prepared for the area around Parliament and King a few years ago and another CIP was more recently completed for the southwest quadrant of SLNA's area.  We continue to work with City staff to implement the recommendations and identify champions for each project.

Community Police Liaison 51 Division

Lorrie Naylor

D. James


A CPLC exists in each Police Division and provides a forum for citizen group/police service dialogue. The SLNA is within 51 Division; they are based at Front and Parliament.

First Parliament site Working Group - City of Toronto Suzanne Kavanagh D. Crawford
S. Kavanagh (alternate)
  This Working Group (Councillor, City staff. Toronto Public Library, Ontario Heritage Trust and neighbourhood representatives) is working on the redevelopment of the First Parliament site.

St Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee City of Toronto


S. Kavanagh


The St Lawrence Market Precinct Advisory Committee was established by the City in 2012 with representatives from citizens, local groups, the City and Market tenants. Representatives serve for a full Council term.

South East Downtown Network Alliance
Jacquie Williams


SEDNA is the successor to the Old Town Toronto Network and represents stakeholders from across our area of Toronto. Members meet to exchange information in a "round table" format and the informal group offers an opportunity to network with other neighbourhood organizations.

St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre Advisory Council Debra Corey
Dan O’Leary
  The St. Lawrence Community Recreation Centre is the neighbourhood’s sole public recreation centre; the SLNA was central to getting it built and has maintained close relations with Centre staff and the Advisory Council ever since. In particular, the SLNA supports a variety of activities, such as the basketball court and the soccer league. The Advisory Council, on which SLNA delegates sit, assists the CRC’s staff with programming decisions, fund-raising and offers general community input into the CRC’s operations.
West Don Lands Committee Suzanne Kavanagh Robert Sherrin    
Lower Yonge Precinct
Catherine Limbertie      
Gardiner EA Lorie Crawford      
Old Town Seniors Centre

Jacquie Williams




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